Call for Papers - "Theology Responding to the Challenge of Synodality"

The Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Gregorian University intends to take up the call addressed to the whole Church convened in a Synod by proposing an International Conference on the theme "Theology Responding to the Challenge of Synodality" (April 27-29, 2023).

Envisioning a path that listens to the experiences arising from the synodal process and compares the different visions related to "synodality," the Conference aims to explore the conditions of possibility for a regenerated theology, with the goal of seeking a synodal method in theology.

In light of this same synodal spirit, the Conference Scientific Committee intends to provide a space for more participants to listen and share, beyond the conference speakers. To this end, scholars are invited to submit their papers for possible future publication in the Conference Proceedings. Submissions should clearly present a question or topic related to following thematic areas:

1. Imagining a synodal theology
2. A theology from and for synodality
3. Synodality and transdisciplinarity
4. Synodality and Ecumenical Dialogue